Finib insurance broking services

About Us

Operated since 1995, Finib is one of the oldest insurance broking companies in Finland. With its 38 employees it is also the biggest privately-owned broker company in the market.

We hold a licence from Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in Finland to mediate both life and non-life insurances and we co-operate with all insurers operating locally in Finland.

We are a member of Finnish Insurance Broker Association and part of the Finnish Real Estate Management Federations service network.

Our clientele consists of ca 10 000 Real Estate companies and 200 company clients.

Our Services

Our main services are:

  • Risk management
  • Insurance planning
  • Policy handling and management
  • Quotation analyses
  • Claims administration

We help our clients in all insurance needs.


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Member of UnisonSteadfast Network

Finib is a part of Unison Steadfast network that has ca 600 independent broking company members and correspondents in all economically significant regions throughout the world.

UnisonSteadfast members together count more than 22,000 employees and handle premiums of more than 22bn EURO.